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If you are looking for Skivideographers for your next videoproject, you are on the right way. Skifootage is a division of Amrivideo an agency for videoproductions and footage with categories such as Sport, Travel, Lifestyle und Product with a wealth of experience of all aspects of media creation.

Using steadicams, gyroscopes, cameracranes and dollys we thrive for the more creative, inconvenient approach to get exceptionally steady footage from unique perspectives. Thereby we act with the knowledge of experienced photographers and graphic designers - putting the scenes not only into the best light, but also choose the right composition for your skivideo to leave room for text, logos and other graphical elements.

Video is recently gaining importance - especially in the web. With faster internet access and sites like Vimeo or Youtube, we have seen a webvideoboom in the last few years. Wintersportregions nowadays need to have a webvideo to give their potential guests a great impression of what it´s like to ski at their resorts, maximizing the chance of persuading the viewer to spend the next skiing days or weeks in their particular resort. We are an all-in-one supplyer for your media-related needs. We create your videoproductions, photography and graphic design with utmost creativity and quality. Specialising in skifootage and skivideo, we are one of only a handfull cameramen that can offer you this very special part of video in the best possible quality.

The winter months are short, the competition is growing and our time is limited - get in contact with us right away and let us create your new project together - creative, cost effective, fast and professional: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.