Amri Photo

Birgit Amri

Being a sports scientist, Birgit adds a lot of know how and important coordinatve aspects to our Skivideography. Her interest in photography and video started in her childhood and she deepened her knowledge after graduating at the Institute for Sports Science at Vienna University. Shortly after, she founded Amriphoto and Amrivideo together with her husband Wolfgang.

What makes her perfect for the job especially as skivideographer and -photographer is not only her creative mind, but as finisher of an ironman triathlon in 2005, she also brings an enormous physical strength into play. Together with her skiing history which started at the age of 3, she is naturally predisposed for these tasks.

For the goal of great skivideos and footage, she carries camera cranes, tripods and dollies into pathless regions just to ski in front of the camera right after that.



Wolfgang Amri

Wolfgang also started his career as a student of sports science. It took a while until he found out that there was something that motivated him even more than his love of sports. It was his drive for creativity.
He started working as a freelance graphic designer and established a small agency.

The ever increasing demand for his photos and videos made him rethink again and he started his education to become a photographer. Two years later he took the austrian national exam for photography and founded Amriphoto and Amrivideo with his wife Birgit.

Wolfgang discovered his enthusiasm for skiing at the age of three (together with his brother who works as an austrian federal ski instructor today).

Wolfgangs fitness, just as Birgits, seeks its competitor amongst fellow photographers and videographers, being a former ironman triathlete. Together with the typical coordinative ablities of a former sports student, an affection for the extraordinary and an addiction to technical innovation he feels great joy in skiing down a slope with steadicam and gyros, hunting for the perfect skifootage.